(b)link wird im Rahmen von Ohrenstrand 2011/Ankunft: Neue Musik im Hauptbahnhof Berlin vom 24.08. – 05.09.2011 gezeigt.


In the wind blow, a bright lightning appears. It is an encounter with a myterious gestalt always ephemeral, never physical until its detection. (b)link is searching for a ghost and its dis- and appearance. When you trust your senses, you will hear, see, and sense it but never at the same time. This creature never reveals its whereabouts and is always transient. The phenomena between perception and appearance leaves us questioning behind – is it an illusion, spirit or body?


Concept + Idea: Sarah Weckert, Silke Wiegand

Director: Sarah Weckert

Performer: Silke Wiegand

Camera: Ove Sander

Cut: Maren Erdmann, Sarah Weckert, Silke Wiegand

After Effects: Jonas Togler

Sound Design: Peter Lorenz, Gregor Knüppel

Copyright by Sarah Weckert + Silke Wiegand